happy friday, weekend, wehearit

fridays makes me happy.

friday is here-
hooray, hooray!

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my beautiful friend Katherine & her German beau Christian recently got engaged! i am so excited for them–i love my friends in love. isn’t it such a wonderful thing to see?!

Congratulations Lovebirds!!

p.s. that photo is from when christian left katherine that note in her kitchen one day! adorable. absolutely adorable.

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i definitely do not like being so busy.
it bums me out that school takes so much of my time. i would much rather blog my days away–le sigh.

i have been behind on my reading of your sweet blogs & regret that a lot.
please know that i will catch up for sure.

with that i just wanted to remind you all how much you all mean to me.

i know that some of you know this already, & some of you probably think this is cliche. but at the end of the day, i just want you all to know the truth:

i love you.

you have no idea how much your comments & support make me smile. everyday my heart swells with love from knowing you.

yes, you reading this.

you, you, you, you, you.

thank you.

with love-


week 35.

1. one of my
very favorite blogs
le love featured
this adorable photo
last week with
an equally sweet graphic.
i love it!

2. this photo from
the boston.com’s
signs of spring
gallery stole my heart.
how silly & cute!

3. i love this simple
chic & clever tote
i can’t figure out
where i can buy one.
it would be so fun to have!

4. this cheery print
could brighten
any space-
not to mention
your mood!

5. this awesome

makes me swoon.
that would be so fun!