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celebrating in green & my fake irish accent.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Loves!
What a lovely day indeed. The sun is shining. My dog Patrick is happy to be celebrating his birthday (well it’s not his ‘real’ birthday but i have no clue when his official birthdate is…so naturally…) with trips in the car (buckled up, of course) & singing along to the beatles. (he doesn’t like taylor swift…not at all.)

Anywho, as i work on cleaning out my silly room & addressing all in my shaky, yet slowly progressing
irish accent, i shall wish you all joyful times on this happy day!



12 thoughts on “celebrating in green & my fake irish accent.

  1. I'm slow… I didn't get why you'd pick today to celebrate your dogs birthday until I read the first comment and seeing happy birthday and patrick in the same line made it click! wow haha. Hope you have a splendid St Pattys!


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