audrey hepburn, read it love it

week 30.

1. how sweet
are these flats!–
who wouldn’t love a pair
in every color?!

2. this photo of
audrey hepburn
& her son sean
melts my heart.

3. i love this doodle!
– & definitely
have a similar
wish list of
travel destinations!

4. this poodle
made me
laugh out loud.
i love poodles & their
crazy hair so much!

5. i just
finished reading
this sweet book
& i loved it!
it was such a great
story & i definitely
recommend it!



18 thoughts on “week 30.

  1. Yup, definitely want those flats for spring in every color! So cute.

    I read “Le Petite Prince” in high school French class, yes I read the whole thing in French, and it was precious!


  2. Definitely love the picture of Audrey and her boy. The flats are adorable, I just wish I had something to wear with them. Otherwise, I would go out and buy them this instant!


  3. I love everything about this post (the shoes, the travel plans, audrey!!!). I read Le Petite Prince in HS french, I'm so proud to say I struggled (and free translated) my way through it. Such a wonderful story.

    x, ash


  4. J'adore those shoes, in every colour! Always love Audrey. She looks so lovely in every single photo, but this one is especially beautiful. And that doodle? So great! I love the umbrella drawn by Big Ben…


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