18 thoughts on “{Quote of the Week.}

  1. I just started an inspirational quote post too! And I discovered that you do too. I'm so happy that I found someone who enjoys and learns from them as much as I do!

    p.s. I'm following your blog now!



  2. Great quote! I am in love with the idea of surrounding yourself with these types of people — people who will inspire you to be your best. Beautiful! And I believe it works.

    P.S. I received your package yesterday! What a beautiful book, and I smiled (and almost cried!) reading your sweet note. Luv ya more than words, lady. THANK YOU!


  3. This quote makes me so happy, darling. I want to be one of those people who finds success in helping others, and not helping myself! =) And really, who doesn't want to help make the world and better and more beautiful place?! Perfect, perfect quote, and just what I needed to see!


  4. I sincerely wish I could share this quote with the negative ninnie I am now supervising. Ugh….but they wouldn't get it. Not in a million years…they think having a complaining personality is acceptable and favorable. My oh my, Anna. Help!


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