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recent ramblings. (i’m sorry, i just love alliteration.)

(this post is going to be random & not well thought out. just a head’s up. for this i apologize, sweet readers.)

isn’t that picture silly? i am continuing to giggle as i am writing this, looking at that.

i think it describes my mood as of late. i can’t describe it with words, but this picture captures it perfectly.

first things first– winter is getting old. i know that everyone is saying the same thing. but winter needs to be clear on knowing that he has outstayed his welcome, by a lot.

also, school is getting quite busy. it stinks. i rarely have time to keep up with reading all of your beautiful blogs & it makes me super grumpy.

and the other day at sonic i ordered a corn dog even though i have always hated them. update: i still hate them. but, hey, they deserved a fair chance.

this leads me to my next realization. i have the palete of a six year old. i only really like hershey chocolate, i prefer macaroni and cheese when given as an option, i will order chicken fingers any and every time they are on any menu. sadly that is pretty much the extent of palate. i know, i know, it’s really ridiculous. (at least my sister emily and i agree that homemade lasagna pales in comparison to stauffer’s in the tin foil pan…what’s with that homemade chunky cheese that looks like crumbs, anyway?!) but all in all, i eat like a six year old.

my bestie michelle & i have been working on a new blog–read about it here. & check it out! : )

So, i listen to the radio in the mornings i drive to school. every wednesday they do a feature i love–but i must be on the bus at 7:45a.m. & the conclusion of the feature isn’t done until 7:50a.m… every week i have to quickly decide if the conclusion would be worth being two minutes late to class-today it wasn’t. two weeks ago it was. the worst part was a girl from class was at the bus stop while i was sitting in my car yelling at the radio to hurry up and tell me. she went on the first bus, i came late. she knew what was up, well that i am ridiculous. so wednesday’s seem to always start out in a bit of a panic, deciding what to do in regards to my radio dilemma.

ok, ok–that is enough crazy for one day…

i hope you all are doing wonderful–
& thank you, thank you for the sweet comments,
they keep me motivated during the weeks!

signing off from the hotmess express…

p.s. why is something awesome referred to as “extraordinary”? to me it sounds like it is just really really ordinary… like it is especially ordinary… extra + ordinary? weird. huh?


13 thoughts on “recent ramblings. (i’m sorry, i just love alliteration.)

  1. a few things we have in common besides our extraordinary name:
    1. i too have the taste buds of a 1st grader. my boyf makes fun of me but i love the reliable old stuff i know i love.
    2. alliteration rocks.

    love the silly post. & that bear made me laugh too


  2. oh how i love alliteration too 🙂 and i've asked the exact same question about “extraordinary”! i'm going to ask my grad prof – he's an expert certified linguist… stay tuned… haha 🙂


  3. you're blog is so lovely. and about extraordinary… i have that exact same thought. what were they thinking when they made that word (haha yeah i dont know who 'they' is…)


  4. Until I became a vegetarian I ordered chicken strips at every restaurant I went to. My family still makes fun of me for it to this day. So rock on with your 6 year old palate. I think it is a good one!

    & I love the picture.

    x, ash

    p.s. now i am off to check out the new blog!!


  5. Haha, I have a wonderful picture of you now, sitting in your car and yelling at the radio!

    Too bad about the palate, though. Maybe a little Jamie Oliver speech could turn things around for you? I watched it last week – and cried (but I'm ridiculous). Check it out, if you have twenty minutes to spare. He's pretty passionate about his thing, maybe he'll turn you around!

    Thanks for stopping by, lovely as always.



  6. I have a radio dilemma as well! I tend to listen to sports radio on my way to work…not sure if it's a pregnancy thing or just a basketball season thing, but I do it. Sometimes they've got on really good guests and I like to hear their thoughts on teams who aren't always local. Do I sit in the lot and listen and be late(r than what I already am) or try and get to work on time? Decisions, decisions. Radio and final make up touches tend to win out. 🙂


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