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bike racks, friends & being a grumpy gus.

{via: weheartit.}

today started out exceptionally grumpy. so when a boy in my class discussion said something very hateful to me it pushed me over the edge- prompting me to stand up, point & say:

“Bike racks: 3 o’clock!”

then we all laughed, including my teacher. but not that mean boy. and inside i was very upset. but at least the class giggled & looking back, i’m glad i randomly yelled that rather than anything else! fewf.

as i walked from class to work i thought about people who would have stood up for me & i immediately thought of my close friends & sweet bloggers (like you!). & i smiled.

because i am so happy to know that i have the best friends who would have been there behind me at the bike racks.


p.s. thanks bestie for letting me vent on her facebook wall. : )


21 thoughts on “bike racks, friends & being a grumpy gus.

  1. aw, we all have times when we get so fired up and just scream stuff out. don't worry, everyone does that.

    and it's true- if you think of all the people who would have stood up for you… why, you could have created an army 😛


  2. awww.. that brings back memories. i got in a fight in elementary school with a boy at the bike rack, right after school. probably 3 0'clock! anyway, i am glad you were able to make a joke out of it and get everyone else to laugh!

    hope you are doing well and have a great weekend anna!!


  3. I love how you handled this! It's so hard to stay classy and “the bigger person” in the moment, but you responded in a way that diffused the situation, while still strongly standing up for yourself. We cannot prevent others from acting inappropriately or immaturely or just plain mean, but we can control how we react – and you have that part down!

    Oh, and I totally would have been there with you! I'm only 5' but I'm scrappy! 😉


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