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a giveaway filled with Love.

[i would like to take this moment & apologize for breaking my promise of having a giveaway each month…i was silly to think i could come up with one each month on a budget of zero dollars a month. but i send you my love, sweet readers every. single. day.]

happy month of love, my sweets! of course, every month should be filled with lots of love–but this is the month the rest of the world jumps on the bandwagon!

hooray for love!

so i found something perfect for You, dearest loves.
a book which i hold very near & dear to my heart.

a book which captures the spirit of lovein all its forms.

a book whose title describes its content perfectly:

a book inspired by the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.

I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love. -mother teresa.

so darlings, to enter the giveaway you must be a follower (you can still become a follower & qualify)– & leave a comment telling me what love means/is to you!

additional chances…
-tweeting this giveaway gets you an additional entry. {please state that you have done so in your comment.}
-blogging about this giveaway gets you an additional entry. {please state that you have done so in your comment.}
-following littleremindersoflove on facebook gets you an additional entry. {please state that you have done so in your comment.}
-following on bloglovin’ gets you an additional entry.
{please state that you have done so in your comment.}

a winner will be chosen next monday!

Viel Glück.


p.s. this giveaway is open to international readers as well!


27 thoughts on “a giveaway filled with Love.

  1. oh. and i didn't say what love was to me. i think it has to do with a lot of commitment, a lot of sacrifice, giving, doing. and from my experience, it might have something to do with growing a person inside of you or allowing someone to give you all of those things.


  2. Right now, to me, love is crying on the phone with a best friend, agonizing over the choices another best friend is making that are taking her in a very very negative direction. Crying, praying, trying to convince her that we still love her and want to help, no matter where she is and what she's doing.


  3. Hello dear:)
    I am so happy for this giveaway, i really hope i win because i would love to read more about love.Isn't it one of the endless subjects you could go on and on about?I follow you on google and on bloglovin…
    Love is, for me, more than a feeling.It is a little light in your life that simply brightens your day and embraces your soul and the souls of the loved ones.


  4. i'm completely in love with that quote now! thanks!
    I guess love to me means constant support. You really can't support something constantly of your own free will without loving it.


  5. Oh, what a nice giveaway! Love is a whole bunch of different things — trust, a feeling of excitement every time you're with that person, happiness and laughter, occasional frustrations that always seem silly afterwards, and, most importantly, always being there for that person and knowing they will be there too.


  6. oh so excited! i'm a follower! and to me love is simply the greatest. its when you can be exactly who you are, flaws and all, and the other person still loves you. and together you are so much greater than apart!


  7. Oh my goodness – Mother Teresa is an incredible inspiration to me. Her biography radically and literally changed my life and the way that I viewed people. I think that the biggest thing she has taught me is that love never stops giving – it is constant and never ending, and it does not distinguish between people. All people have the right be loved, no matter their race, rank, situation, or history.

    PS I blogged about this, followed on blog lovin and facebook!


  8. So sweet! I love following your blog, Anna, even when you're not doing giveaways! The honesty that comes through every day is such a wonderful gift.

    Anyway, love to me is unconditional. Absolute. Unyielding. It does not bend. It does not break. It does now cower or doubt. Love is as Paul described it back in the early days of Christianity: agape. That is love to me. ❤


  9. awwww this is such a sweet giveaway and i'm already a follower. to me, love is not sacrifice, but the willingness to sacrifice. it's that warm feeling in your heart when you see that special someone, or being reunited with a friend or family and getting the biggest smile on your face when you finally see them. it's knowing that you're safe when you're in someone's arms. 🙂


  10. That Mother Teresa quote is one of my favorites – it's so true, and if people just listened to her wise advice, I think the world truly would be a more loving and beautiful place.
    To me, love means that someone knows you for who you really are – past that point where you mask the little things about you that maybe aren't quote so pleasant – and they still want to be there with you. It's about sacrifice and working hard, but knowing that in the end it's all worth your effort.
    I'm following you on Blogger, and I'm just disappointed I didn't find your lovely blog sooner!


  11. Love to me is choosing to be happy over being right… as in, when my love and I are fighting and I think I'm right, putting aside my agenda and my pride and saying, “Okay, what can we do to be happy together?” It's so hard to do because, of course, I'm always right… I kid, I kid! 😉


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