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my heart & glasses.

this photo is one of my very favorites. it’s of my niece carolyn around the age of two. i love her big blue eyes & her befuddled expression. but by far my favorite are the glasses.

i can’t help but imagine my silly kids one day dawning a pair of matching spectacles like their silly mom’s…looking similar to care bear above! ; )

oh, how i love glasses!


10 thoughts on “my heart & glasses.

  1. what an adorable photo 🙂 She kind of looks as if she was saying: “And then they told me I won a Nobel Prize, but it was really not that much of a big deal” 🙂


  2. I LOVEEEEEE glasses I was wearing big purple ones at the age of 4 :)!! I didn't really love them in 4 grade but got over that, and now I want red ones, yellow ones, black ones, and heart ones!! Hope all is well lovely lady!! xo


  3. haha i love it! i had big glasses too! a blue pair & a red pair. my mom let me pick them. big mistake i had bright red hair, and big red glasses and my school uniform was red plaid. i hated 2nd grade! (my school switched to blue & navy the next year)


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