week 26.

1. this elephant Polaroid
always makes me giggle.
never fails!

2. i am smitten with
this fun wedding!
i love the bridesmaids dresses so much!

3. i love this sweet
–what a great idea
for a valentine!

4. someday i want to
live in a house like this!
or at least, a house half as cute!

5. this video of my niece carolyn
belting out “tomorrow” from annie
is guaranteed to make you giggle.



18 thoughts on “week 26.

  1. As always, cute collection of things. The elephant makes me chuckle too, and the wedding– all kinds of lovely! I really liked the groom's suit for some reason. Quite dapper! And your niece– she is too much cute!


  2. I love every single point…like always πŸ™‚
    I actually left a comment on your last post…but I think the internet was not working right…so you HAVE TO COME to Germany!!! I would love to meet you!!! Maybe you can wait until July when I'm back from China πŸ™‚
    Have a great week darling!


  3. i have an obsession with elephants. thanks for sharing!

    your niece is too cute, also πŸ™‚

    also the house photos- i totally can relate with you on that one (probably has something to do with our attraction towards europe)

    love love love.


  4. You really can't post a video like that with all the other adorable photos. Those photos get ignored when you end the post with that! LOL It's because of kids like her why I'll most likely never vlog or, God forbid, sing in public.


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