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wanderlust. my heart. & deutschland.

[photos from my 2005 trip to deutschland.]
[ disregard the incorrect timestamp on the photo.]

i miss germany.
so much, it hurts.

i think it’s time to plan a trip.


24 thoughts on “wanderlust. my heart. & deutschland.

  1. i spent ten days in bonn last year, and LOVED it so much. i have a dear friend in bavaria that i havent met in more than ten years and would love to go visit her there.


  2. I know how you feel, I'm dying to go on a trip. Somewhere. Anywhere. I just realized two years ago yesterday I was on a plane headed for France. I'd much rather be doing that than sitting here in my sweatpants.


  3. Trips are so interesting. You get there, you're excited, you have fun. At some point, at least for me, I start to get ready to come home…but then….months or years later, I look at the photos and wish I'd really taken more time to TAKE IT IN. It sounds like you did. Good for you. 🙂 You'll get back. Just plan it!


  4. I was in Germany few years ago and I LOVED it too (much more than, for example Holland, which many ppl in Poland prefers for obvious reasons),so I know how you feel 🙂 I really like this blog, it's inspiring (even though I just made it sound so trivial)



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