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anna ballerina.

{via: weheartit.}

i try to get to my zumba class at least 10 minutes early so i can peek into the ballet studio located just down the hall from class. i stand there, giddy, watching the ballerinas gracefully move with the music from the piano. i love their leotards. i love their tights. i love their flats.

i once was a ballerina. i was four. maybe five. i can’t quite remember… but i do remember that i insisted on wearing my underwear with my leotard. so, naturally, my muppet baby underwear remained in plain sight for all to see when prancing around.

my mom used to sit on the side with the other moms & whisper “come here!” coaxing me over to the side in between leaps & twirls. she would quickly try & adjust my leotard as to hide the fact my oversized underwear was hanging out.

i decided i had had enough & declared myself finished with ballet. i could not handle the constant shoving-of-the-underwear-back-into-my-leotard. personally, i didn’t mind the extra fabric sticking out the sides.

perhaps that was a sign that “grace” is not my strong suit…

le sigh.

p.s. but my nieces are fabulous ballerinas!
p.p.s. there was once a show called ANNA BALLERINA! amazing? YES!


19 thoughts on “anna ballerina.

  1. I remember Anna Ballerina! My mom used to call me that because I have absolutely no coordination. I once got a concussion from running & falling down on our driveway. True story, I as 7.
    Cute photo!


  2. Oh how cute! When I was little there were no ballet classes around, so I had to get involved in sports where I was constantly hit in the head with whatever ball the sport called for. Hand-eye coordination was never my strong suit. Maybe if I had tried my twinkle toes things would be different today.


  3. as a former ballerina i can say with confidence that it's the most heart-wrenching art forms known to man.

    i miss it everyday.

    i still take a point class every saturday and it still breaks my heart seeing the pain some of these girls have trying to achieve perfection.

    i think dancing is the best when you simply don't care!

    -being a 5 year old ballerina is brilliant!


  4. 1st: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Zumba Class!!! I've never had so much fun working out!!

    2nd: My mom is a director for a Pre-Julliard School here in STL. I love watching the mimi-ballarinas! they are so precious!!
    I really love your blog!! I added your button to my page!!

    ā™„ Lil Landy


  5. Me too!!!! My mommy really liked her daughter dressed in a tutu. Thus she had me had this ballet course, which I really sucked at. I started at 4 and quitted when I was 6. Miserable 2 years.

    But lil girls in tutus. They're simply adorable. I might make my future daughter have a ballet lesson ;p


  6. Ummm, try being in high school and you're by far the smallest girl on the cheerleading squad…and guess what? The bloomers we had to wear under the skirt? Yeah, they didn't come in sizes small enough for me, so whenever I was tossed up in the air and my bloomers showed, they looked so big like I had on my granny's panties. I think I need to blog about this.


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