15 thoughts on “an ode to Liz Lemon.

  1. Oh my goodness, I know how you feel! I went to a zumba class with my aunt and all the cape town equivalents of desperate housewives in the class where so much better than me! It was so embarrassing! but really really fun!!!


  2. Oh I love Zumba! Yay for Zumba!

    Um… your sister mentioned a Wal-Mart holdup in her post today (with your nieces in those gorgeous purple dresses!)… and I really want to hear you tell the story!


  3. Um one time in high school I took a cardio hip hop groove class with one of my friends during spring break because everyone else was out of town and we were bored. It was literally us and a million senior citizens. I was by far the worst one in the class. Thank goodness for Liz.


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