conan o'brien, zooey deschanel

week 24.

1. i am absolutely drooling over these dashing tights & skirts.

2. I am loving
this illustration
of conan’s hair.
of course we are
team conan!

3. zooey deschanel couldn’t be anymore adorable. i love this captured scene from
the go-getter (2007).

4. i am swooning
over this inspiring
. what a
refreshing spot to
create & blog!

5. i love this.
so sweet &
oh, so very true…
Le swoon.



20 thoughts on “week 24.

  1. “dear husband” is adorable.

    It's so strange because recently this has become a bit popular. The whole idea of communicating the the love of your life in which you have yet to meet.

    I started a diary a while back along these lines.

    It's an awesome way to truly figure out what you need in a man.

    Also, the tight combos are incredible. πŸ™‚


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