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{to}: Nathan…{love}: Your Aunt Anna.

{via: weheartit.}

Oh, Nathan– i can hardly believe you are SIX! six years ago we all fell in love with your big smile & corky sense of humor. six years ago you made me an aunt & showed me how much joy being an aunt could bring!

(your very awkward aunt anna as a teen, the day you were born.)

you have been the sweetest, cutest little boy since day one & you have supplied us with hours upon hours of endless giggles! we always knew you were going to be witty, especially since your mom is so sassy! ; ) stay that way, it keeps your mom on her toes. : )

your sweet smiles & big hugs have helped me remember how important it is to appreciate life & inspired me to be more positive– you light up all of our lives!

so now you are six & seem so grown up–where does the time go?? keep on smiling, creating, imagining & dreaming, because you have the world at your fingertips, kid. you are a brilliant boy!

but always remember
how much we love you & how very special you are to us, you are our sweet nathan & love you more than you could ever know!

Love always & forever-
Aunt Anna.

p.s. see pictures from nathan’s 6th birthday party here…some ghostbusters stopped by! ; )


16 thoughts on “{to}: Nathan…{love}: Your Aunt Anna.

  1. aww, he's adorable!

    I'll never be an aunty unfortunately(well, I guess I would to my future husband's neices/nephews) as I have one brother and he's disabled, so I am so jealous of you and gorgeous little Nathan!

    Happy Birthday to him!


  2. Anonymous says:

    You and your family have played such a role in making Nathan who he is — and who he is…is so fabulous! A loving, bright, funny, sweet, darling little guy! Another brilliant Allen/Smiley I must say!! Happy Birthday, little man!!

    Mrs. Mitchell


  3. this is such an adorable post! 🙂 he looks so cute in that picture where he's sticking out his tongue. you seem like quite the amazing aunt. he's a lucky 6-year-old 🙂


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