week 22.

1. what a
sweet wedding dress!
i love how simple
yet so frilly it is.

2. this is such a
clever way to wrap gifts!
but i don’t know
if i could bear
to watch it
being opened!

i love maps so much, i would hate to see them ripped!

3. i find ballerinas to
be absolutely beautiful.
they are always so
poised & lovely! how divine is this picture?! sometimes i daydream about life as a ballerina. : )

4. how fun are these
cute little cups?
people are so
fantastically clever!

5. such a sweet print
with such a true message.
2010 will be filled with the
best days! : )



23 thoughts on “week 22.

  1. The wrapping is gorgeous, the mugs are phenomenal (really want a pair!) but that DRESS takes the cake! oh my goodness, it's just what I needed to see this morning to get my going. Love this post:)


  2. I love all of these… I wish I was wearing that dress and drinking a yummy beverage out of those cups. I too, LOVE MAPS… there is a great coffee thermos that I want with Maps all over it just like that paper… ahh!! I hope you have delightful week!! xo


  3. Happy New year!
    I used to want to be a ballerina when I was younger…sigh…kinda still do:) I always wanted those tutus and that grace they all seem to have…


  4. your blog is so very darling! 🙂

    aaww. i used to be a ballerina. i still consider myself one, actually. i think once you become a ballerina, you always stay one in your heart, even when you stop. 🙂 i would really like to take it up again, though, it was my passion and my life for over 11 years!


  5. That wedding dress dress is heavenly! I love it. You shared a lot of really cute stuff in this post, anna! 🙂

    PS – To kelly ann (above), I was a ballerina too, and I completely agree that once you are one, you stay one!


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