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wanderlust. my heart. & deutschland.

[photos from my 2005 trip to deutschland.]
[ disregard the incorrect timestamp on the photo.]

i miss germany.
so much, it hurts.

i think it’s time to plan a trip.

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anna ballerina.

{via: weheartit.}

i try to get to my zumba class at least 10 minutes early so i can peek into the ballet studio located just down the hall from class. i stand there, giddy, watching the ballerinas gracefully move with the music from the piano. i love their leotards. i love their tights. i love their flats.

i once was a ballerina. i was four. maybe five. i can’t quite remember… but i do remember that i insisted on wearing my underwear with my leotard. so, naturally, my muppet baby underwear remained in plain sight for all to see when prancing around.

my mom used to sit on the side with the other moms & whisper “come here!” coaxing me over to the side in between leaps & twirls. she would quickly try & adjust my leotard as to hide the fact my oversized underwear was hanging out.

i decided i had had enough & declared myself finished with ballet. i could not handle the constant shoving-of-the-underwear-back-into-my-leotard. personally, i didn’t mind the extra fabric sticking out the sides.

perhaps that was a sign that “grace” is not my strong suit…

le sigh.

p.s. but my nieces are fabulous ballerinas!
p.p.s. there was once a show called ANNA BALLERINA! amazing? YES!


week 25.

1. i think this adorable
speaks for itself.
So stinkin’ cute!!

2. these responses
from kids about love
are absolutely perfect.
they are so wise!

3. i am in love
with this photobooth
of puppy
it makes me giggle.

4. i love this bright,
colorful wallpaper
one day my walls will be covered
from top to bottom!

5. I love this wall art.
what a simple,
lovely way to decorate
any wall! i must
do something of the sort
for my walls soon!


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because every friday should end like this…

a short friday story…

[a five year old me.]

when i was around the age of five i saw the movie grease for the first time.
i was smitten.

i remember the day my mom bought it for me very vividly. i remember her picking me up from kindergarten & me asking her if she found it– she said no. my heart sank. she said she was joking. & i was elated. i watched it at least seven times that week.

i Loved it. L-o-v-e-d it…
i watched it none stop, dancing & singing along while clomping around in my mom’s super cute wedding shoes that looked just like sandy’s. i adored sandy. i remember the day i sat at the kitchen table & counted the penny’s and quarters in my piggy bank & being short five dollars of the eighteen i needed to buy the soundtrack. my dad kindly gave me the five i needed.

i would stand on our loft blaring it dancing around all day with my cousins jenny & julie. i attempted to get my boy cousins jon & geoff to watch grease & i think they got to the prom scene. then i was convinced riding bikes was cooler.

grease will forever have a special place in my heart.

wouldn’t you love to end your friday like this? i think we should!


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a message from your heart.

{via: flickr.}

my favorite songs are the ones that feel as though your heart is trying to get your attention– the feeling that the lyrics were written especially for a you at that moment–you know what i mean?

that is how i feel about this beautiful kt tunstall song. Her first album really helped me with some sad days when i was in high school. Its amazing what music can do for the soul.

Someday Soon.

I think it’s time to put myself away
Seek out a little silence
Close the doors and sit a while
Walk a little

And as I put my words away
The flow slows
See this penny in a stream
Picking it up is easy.

Follow the shape of it.
Jump in.
Swallow it whole.
Jump in.

Even though I know my way around
Possibly there’s something new I found
Holding on for finding solid ground
Someday soon.
Someday soon.

I’ll turn myself into the grass
And I’ll grow
Take this space above my head
And live a little, little.

Gonna wear my feathered headdress
Like an Indian chief.
Gonna stretch out both my arms
I’m gonna test the temperature.

Follow the taste of it.
Jump in.
Swallow it whole.
Jump in.

Even though I know my way around (even though)
Possibly there’s something new I found (possibly I, possibly I)
Holding on for finding solid ground (ohh..)
Even though I know my way around (even though)
Possibly there’s something new I found (possibly I, possibly I)
Holding on for finding solid ground (ohh..)
Someday soon.
Someday soon.

Maybe walk a little
Someday soon.