christmas 2009

week 21.

1. aren’t these little fairies adorable?
they would make
such a great gift,
or decor for your home!

2. Classic Rudolph
will forever
have my heart.
He was the cutest!

3. i love everything
about this cheery
living room
! So
vintage & colorful!

4. Christmas in
Paris-one word:

5. This scene in
Lady & the Tramp

is too sweet. I
how cozy & traditional
everything looks!



10 thoughts on “week 21.

  1. I love love love this post!!! Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is one of my absolute favorite Christmas movies!! I adore that vintagey living room! The colors and decorations are so cute! I would die to spend Christmas in Paris! yes!


  2. I saw part of that Rudolph film for the first time on tv a week or so ago, I had high expectations for it as the animation was absolutely beautiful but I didn't really like the storyline though, they made Santa and the reindeers all mean and nasty, the complete opposite to how they are supposed to be. I didn't watch the end(where I'm sure they all turned out nice) but I thought it was kinda sad/depressing.

    ♥ Lady & The Tramp, must watch it, haven't seen it in years!


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