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day number 5.

{via: weheartit.}
the end.

i have finished everything for this semester. i finished at 8:32a.m. this morning–after taking my 7:30a.m. final, of course. because finals on the last day of finals + 7:30a.m. is brilliant… NOT. i shall write regularly again, and about much more interesting things soon! as for right now, my brain hurts & i just want to sit and watch funny movies all night, laughing, sending this silly semester off the way it should be done.

Farewell Fall Semester 2009.
we laughed. we cried. we had a love/hate relationship. however,
you will be fondly remembered…take care.
Love, Anna.
p.s. can you please tell Spring Semester 2010
to be extra kind & fun?? that would be great!

xo- happy friday! : )


11 thoughts on “day number 5.

  1. WOOOHOOOO… CONGRATS!!! My last final was at 7:30am too… so clever!! GOOD FOR YOU….. ENJOY LIFE!!!! xo and LAUGH a ton… rent ELF it usually makes me laugh or the Christmas Story!!


  2. Yaaaayyyyy! Oh, I know that feeling! I hope you enjoyed your funny movies, and laughed all the brain ache out!

    Enjoy your break… I'm looking forward to your posts, and I'm calling spring 2010 semester right now to tell it to be very nice to Anna!


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