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{to}: Miss Carolyn… {love}: Your Aunt Anna.

{via: tumblr.}

Oh, my! How can you already be five!! It feels like i was just holding you in my arms, swooning over a niece! I was so very excited– my first niece! A new baby, to rock, buy pretty’s for, and giggle with. & you were even more perfect than we could have ever imagined, & you still are.

when we first met i knew you were our family’s new little princess. you were expressive since the beginning, showing off your wonderful facial expressions, hamming it up for the group, dazzling us with your gorgeous smile & personality.

you have been such a beautiful girl since you were itty bitty. you’ve always made hearts smile with your big blue eyes & sweet, so-very-caring demeanor.

you’ve kept us smiling over the years with your outgoingness, happy imagination, and brilliant performances. you have been amazing since day day one.

you’ve helped in teaching me what it means to be an aunt, how much love my heart has, & how to appreciate every moment we have…while time simply passes so very quickly.

you even modeled the easter dress i sewed for you in my high school’s fashion show, & of course, you stole the show with your preciousness.

you’ve taught me to appreciate the
little things in life, like never passing up a chance to twirl, dance, or dress up fancy…even for just a simple trip to the store.

never lose that spunk in your eye, the emotion you put into every little thing you do, or the passion you have for the things you love. always follow your heart, your dreams.

you are a gift, a blessing,
& i love you more than i will ever find words to be able to say. you mean the world to me, miss carolyn.

Love always & forever,
your aunt Anna.


15 thoughts on “{to}: Miss Carolyn… {love}: Your Aunt Anna.

  1. Oh so sweet and beautiful ~ I wish I could express what I feel this wonderfully, I fell the same way about my three beautiful nieces!! Especially my first one who is also turning five very soon!! You are a sweet Aunt!!!


  2. Such a beautiful post and wonderful photos…Happy Birthday to your little princess! P.S. I have a niece that I feel exactly the same way about – it's wonderful!


  3. Oh she is so cute, what a lovely post!
    My nephew is only 10 months old, it's amazing to see him grow up and learn new things everyday. Kids are simply amazing!


  4. Too cute Anna! These are some great pictures of you and C. I know that feeling well, as I feel the same way about my little cousin and goddaughter, who is now 13! Time does fly by fast. Enjoy every moment; she looks so precious.

    ~ Jen


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