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from My Sister, to You.

my sister made this awesome list of gift ideas for the holidays that are for good causes! well isn’t she mighty clever?! : )
i love her. a lot.
1. To Write Love on Her Arms t-shirt. TWLOHA is a group dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. A majority of their financial support comes from the sale of their t-shirts. Read about their vision, see the store, buy the t-shirt. $17.00
2. Two Futures Project t-shirt. 2FP is a movement of American Christians for the abolition of nuclear weapons. The t-shirt reads ‘disarm’ and is sure to spark lots of conversation. Read about their vision, buy the t-shirt. $20.00
3. t-shirt. is an international campaign dedicated to building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis. Read about their vision, see the store, buy the t-shirt. $18.99
4. Made by Survivors bracelet. Made by Survivors is an international organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking and modern day slavery. Items sold in the store are made by survivors of slavery with the hope of eventually establishing a sustainable income. Read about their vision, buy the bracelet. $28.00
5. Charity:Water water bottle. Charity:Water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. One in six people on the planet do not have access to safe drinking water, many women and children. 100% of the cost of the water bottle goes to fund freshwater wells. Read about their vision (watch the video while you’re there), see the store. $40.00
6. FEED bear and bag. FEED works to create good products that FEED the world. Because hunger and malnutrition kill more people than AIDS, malaria and TB combined, and tonight 400 million children around the world will go to bed hungry. Purchase of the bag will keep a child fed in school for a year. Purchase of the teddy bear will provide three nutritional supplements to hungry children. Read about their vision, see the store, buy the bag, buy the bear. $35 / $35

7. Heifer International animal. Heifer works to end world hunger and poverty as well as care for the earth through a set of global initiatives in the areas of agroecology, animal well-being, gender equity, HIV-AIDS, microenterprise, urban agriculture and young people’s initiatives. Heifer’s online gift catalog offers a variety of animals you can gift to a family in a developing country. Read about their vision, see the online catalog, buy the heifer. $500.00
8. Project Concern animal. Project Concern is a non-profit health and humanitarian aid organization dedicated to preventing disease, improving community health, and promoting sustainable development. Read about their vision, see the online catalog, buy the flock of hens. $50.00
9. TOMS Shoes. TOMS Shoes was founded on a simple premise: With every pair you purchase TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. Read about their vision, see the store, buy the shoes. $54.00



9 thoughts on “from My Sister, to You.

  1. MP says:

    I think one of these T-Shirts are the answer to my Christmas prayers of, “What do I buy my 22 year old possible soon to be sister in law?” Thanks to you and your sister!


  2. Oh I saw this on your sister's blog and I tagged it to come back to when I do my Christmas shopping! What great ideas.

    Thanks for the comment on my gratitude post! You ROCK (with all caps) too! And your blog and your comments ALWAYS make me smile and feel better, no matter what I have going on! My “A” day should have been for “Anna.” = )

    ~ Jen


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