week 18.

1. how cute are
these illustrations?
oh what i would
give to have such

2. this bookshelf
& arrangement

is absolutely
i love simple
yet creative spaces!

3. i love this
cute pam & jim
some of my favorite
moments of them!

4. i adore this print!
i would need one
that said dr.pepper
in place of coffee! ; )

{& remember this print
from week 12?
? it’s from
the same wonderful designer!}

5. what a cute photo!
such a whimsical moment to treasure.

i love it!


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a little update.

{via: here.}

hello loves!
i just wanted to let you know that i am featured on the wonderful blog yes and yes today! i am so very excited that the brilliant sarah von invited me to post for her! & next week she is going to post here! hooray!

also, i started an internship with
amazing company buttoned up! they are absolutely the nicest people in the world to work with & i’m so very thankful for the opportunity!

oh, & i just got an email from my bank letting me know that the raffle i entered in August for a free laptop…yeah, i WON!

oh my goodness! so exciting!


week 17.

1. this room lined
with bookcases
had me at “hello”

2. What a darling print
I would love to have it
in my workspace!

3. i found this
awesome creation
after having
stumbled upon
bento” which
the lovely yelena
last week!

4. i’m loving
this project
of redesigning
classic literature
book covers!
what a beautiful

5. Oh, my…
i am absolutely
smitten with
everything about
this precious
polaroid picture collage