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ben folds & my heart.

{Liberty Hall, oct. 26, 2009.}

growing up i always seemed to end up in the backseat when riding in the car with my siblings- of course, with no say in what we listened to. but my favorites included Cake, Queen, and Ben Folds Five. –i’m pretty sure i was the only third grader who knew all the words to “Army”.
riding around with my brother & sisters was the best. the windows down, the music blaring… i remember in third grade, my brother christopher and my sister katie got to go to a Cake concert which Ben Folds Five opened for. i was so jealous. i couldn’t wait to be a cool high school kid so i could go to those concerts…
how lucky am i to have had such awesome siblings?

isn’t he so handsome & cute?! i’ve always had a crush on him!

well tonight i was not jealous of my siblings getting to do “all the fun stuff”. i got to go to my first Ben Folds concert. (granted, i am not a cool high school kid, rather a nerdy college student…)
& as Ben Folds took the stage and began playing “Annie Waits” i had a moment of nostalgia rush over me …my mind went back to riding in the car with my brother, driving down 2-91, and singing “Annie Waits” at the top of my lungs… i smiled & sang along with the crowd while my heart was filled with wonderful memories.

{me & katherine, Ben Folds at Liberty Hall, 2009.}

i would have to say that if you have never seen Ben Folds in concert,
you should put it on your to-do list.

trust me.
it is absolutely amazing.

it was a better than i could have ever imagined it.
i went with my dear friend katherine & it was splendid.

for you, a taste of ben folds, himself:
this song is not only one of my favorites, but the video makes my heart melt.
when my sister got married, she & her husband used this song for their first dance.



10 thoughts on “ben folds & my heart.

  1. Aw, I absolutely LOVE this post!
    Sometimes there's just nothing more exciting than having a music-related dream come true, and I totally get what you're feeling here. SO happy you enjoyed the gig!

    You have good taste in music 😉
    (The song Ben Folds did with Regina Spektor was on repeat in my house for about a month after I first heard it!)

    OK, long comment! *zips it* xxx


  2. Ben Folds is fabulous! So is Cake. Love. Them.

    I've recently started to listen to Ben Lee a lot. If you haven't heard of him, look him up!

    I love your blog, it always brightens my day. 🙂


  3. You remind me a bit of my cousin, with your talk of live concerts and your love for music. 🙂 I'm happy to see that you are enjoying yourself in the midst of the semester!


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