week 10.

such a brilliant statement for your home.
my favorite “we do loud really well.”

2. this happy garland
would be perfect
for any occasion
or simply to brighten
up a space!!

3. this little guy is
absolutely precious.
he reminds me
of a light-brown
patrick! {my poodle.}

4. this clever & cute clutch
makes me swoon…
swoon i tell you!

5. this beautiful photo
of Chapelle
St Michel – France
took my breath away!



11 thoughts on “week 10.

  1. Oh Anna I love your sunday sweets! You also could post a monday, tuesday, wednesday and so on…list so I don't have to wait all week for the sunday sweets 😉
    I hope you will have a great week!!!


  2. Oh we do indeed loud very well in my house! I live with 6 other girls in this massive old english house and it's the best thing ever I tell you! 🙂 I love the pics dear!


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