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You, yes you.

{via: tumblr.}

I have the best friends.

Truly. Sincerely. Honestly.

the best.
they make me giggle from silly texts they send informing me of certain moments they had experienced that day.
they encourage me when i’m feeling a wee bit under the weather.
they hold true to their word, every one of them.
they put up with my goofy antics & they go along with me when i come up with adventures.
they listen to me vent.
they give me hugs when i’m feeling low, &
they always know exactly what to say…even if its not what i “want” to hear.
they read my blog & leave me sweet comments.
they listen to me gush about my current crushes.
& they tell me about their hopes & dreams.

over the years i have had many wonderful friends.
but often, the friendships faded quickly, & “acquaintance” became a more fitting label for what we were. i have always heard that college friends are often the ones you keep for life, simply because you are more sincere in your friendships.

i love my friends.
all of You.

from Kansas to the other side of the world.

you really do make the world beautiful, loves…
& i’m so blessed to know You


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