heard it loved it, music, summer 2009

two of my favorite summer songs.

Driving around town with the
windows down
& listening
to your favorite songs
is what summer is all about.

{via: ffffound.}

Last week i found one of my old The White Stripes albums. I love jamming to it as i run errands around town. i am so happy my brother was there is to introduce me to such bands back when i was in junior high–apparently back then i had “terrible taste in music”.
thanks for helping me out of that rut, brother.

my 2 favorite The White Stripes songs as of right now?

I Want To Be The Boy That Warms Your Mother’s Heart


Well It’s True That We Love One Another



2 thoughts on “two of my favorite summer songs.

  1. It's great to have older siblings to give your musical taste a nudge in the right direction. Sadly it wasn't 'til I was in college that I started to look past whatever was in the Top 40. I'm kind of embarrassed when I remember some of the concerts I went to growing up…


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