family, happy birthday, memories, sisters

to my sister Emily:

happy 24th birthday, sister!
{sleeping me & smiling emily, 1989.}

my gift to you:
sweet sweet memories.
{i’m broke–give me a break.}

look at how well we got along right off that bat:

{emily holding me, 1989.}

we are so environmentally conscience–even as young kids.
conserving water by taking baths together.
what can i say, we are trend setter’s sister.

{emily & me, 1990.}

oh, and who knew we’ve always been so domestic— not to mention so very fashionable!

{emily & me 1993.}

i love you, sister.
look forward to many more memories to come!



9 thoughts on “to my sister Emily:

  1. helen- i love your comments. you are so flippin' funny.

    & YES that is a blue fuzzy toilet seat cover. thats just how we do it in A-muh-ricah.

    xo funny lady.


  2. I hope your sister had a wonderful bday! Those pictures are too cute. 🙂 And that bathroom already represented your KU crimson and blue ties. That first pic was adorable. Babies sleeping with their arms up above their heads….too cute.


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