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you have to believe. you just have to.

{via: tumblr.}

you have to believe in love. so that love can show you how real it is. without your trust it can not truly reveal itself. you’ve just gotta know that it may not be like the movies.–because the movies are not capturing the complete euphoria of true love.

true love is better than the movies.

i may not have been approached by true love quite yet, but i believe with all my heart-that it will reveal itself at the exact moment when its meant to do so... it has better plans than my mind could even conceive.

i can’t wait.



7 thoughts on “you have to believe. you just have to.

  1. True love doesn't always hit you between the eyes with a baseball bat, although it can; it sometimes sneaks up on you, stealth like, tickling your neck and blowing sweet kisses on your cheek until suddenly, suddenly you see it, clear as day and can't believe you didn't recognise it before now. Once you've seen it, it will always be there.


  2. I've known true love for 15 years now. It has its ups and downs, but it keeps on chugging like the little engine that could. If it does ever go off the tracks I'll be thankful that I knew it at all.


  3. Hm. I will only say I hope that YOU find what YOU end up needing and wanting. True love….eh. Love? = Respect. For someone, their beliefs, feelings, actions, thoughts, growth, change, and differences. If you can encompass all that with someone…and actually EXPERIENCE them without “falling off the tracks” as Payno stated, you've found it. I'm anticipating “finding it” after Hubs and I have been married for approximately 30 years.


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