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tag– you’re it!

last week i was awarded the “honest scrap” award
by the darling sara.

i am supposed to list ten honest things about me.

1. i am a tv junkie & am not ashamed.
2. i love typography. however, i am a snob when it comes to certain types…
3. family gatherings are my absolute favorites & the best memories i have are of my family.
4. i’m a very sensitive person. sometimes almost too much. but my siblings have helped me “get tough” about certain things.
5. i worry. a lot. far too much.

6. i feel as though my friends i have right now are the truest friends i have ever had. & i love them all so very much.
7. i love being from the Midwest but i hope to move to a big city one day…& to live in Europe.
8. i am terrible at working out, but “plan” on going to the school gym a lot this semester.
9. i already have my kids names picked out. {so that may be weird, but o well…}
10. i love going to KU & am so very proud to be a jayhawk.

i pass this on to my sister katie, my fellow alumna Tooj, & Oh, Mishka!

also– sara tagged me, again!!

here it goes:
The task: fill in 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates like Cassie in her therapy video (from Skins).
Below, the bolded things are what you MUST include, as they are in Cassie’s video.
Also, please link it back to me, and link it onto 3 other blogs you admire!
I tag: rachel, gina & helen!

I like boys with shaggy hair.
and girls with the ability to laugh at themselves.
I like going to the bookstore, but tend to buy them only if they are half price.
I like watching cheesy movies with extravagant love stories.
I like honest people .
I like dancing around my house to goofy music.
I like playing games with my huge family.
I like thunderstorms!
I like maps.
I like handwriting letters.
I like wearing anything from the gap.

I like snow days!!
I like hanging out with my friends & laughing about anything & everything.

I love
my life.

Today I going to do my best.

I hate pepsi.
I hate when i lose my remote.
I hate worrying.
I hate thinking of death.
I hate that i took so much for granted as a kid.
I hate that there are abused dogs & cats out there who just want love. i wish i could save them all.
I hate pretentious people.

I hate having doubts.



One thought on “tag– you’re it!

  1. handwritten letters are just..lovely, I love how they are honest. And personal!

    I hate having doubts too! And anything with soda (Except for the occasional redbull..)



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