august 2009, everything lovely, planning, saw it loved it, sunday sweets

week 2.

1. Isn’t this a sweet collection of globes? {i already collect old maps, but i just might have to start a globe one, too!} photo via: tumblr.

2.this kind note is a breath of fresh

air for the world, don’t you think?

i wouldn’t mind calling this home.
; ) via: theparisapartment.

4. Real Simple magazine

never ceases to amaze me…
check out their amazing collection of checklists!!

{image via:}

5. Sara has a splendid plan to make August Extraordinary!! here’s
her creative list thus far.
Let’s join her, shall we?
{image via: flickr.}



12 thoughts on “week 2.

  1. how exciting to find your blog! i love the layout and all your posts! you sounds lovely!
    It's awesome that you do giveaways each month! 🙂 that little case is adorable!!



  2. Oh, to think we could all leave notes like that and brighten someone's day! But one question – what if the owner of the car wanted that door unlocked because their key couldn't unlock the door? Not to be a cynic or anything…but they might lock the driver's side to appear like they locked the car, but needed that unlocked to get in. LOL I'm just sayin'! 😉


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