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"we are country mice" tour: lawrence.

{their new album.}

my friend autumn & i went downtown last night to see the band-we are country mice perform. my brother’s good friend jason is the guitarist & i’ve known him since i was in eighth grade. i was so excited that he was coming back to lawrence on their tour, all the way from brooklyn, new york & had invited me to come!
{even though my brother is in houston for the rest of summer.}

jason is hands down one of the nicest, most sincere people you will ever meet & it was great seeing him again after a few years have passed by.
we are country mice is amazing. check them out here.
here is a photo recap of the night.

{me & autumn waiting for the show to commence.}
{the transmittens played before, they were so good!}

and alas, we are country mice began…
sorry my pictures are so terribly fuzzy…
jason’s in the plaid.

we had a blast. {even though autumn was tuckered out by 12:45am…so we had to leave mid-set.}
but hopefully i’ll get to see them play again– you should, too.

happy weekend, darlings!!


3 thoughts on “"we are country mice" tour: lawrence.

  1. Looks like you've had tons of fun!! Ahhh don't you just love bands? I do!

    I love how I hang around bands every now and then (my boyfriend is a lead vocals…in a band. A weird band)

    They're actually performing tomorrow!


  2. that's so cool!! have fun at the show! {shows are so fun, its like the world stops for a minute & your just enjoying the entire moment, sights, sounds, it all.}


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