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{me, july, 2005.}

today i was driving & decided to pop in a mixed cd from 2005. sheesh.– most random mix of songs i have ever heard in my life.
{of course until i come across another one of my creatiosn…}

  1. james blunt- you’re beautiful.
  2. carrie underwood- before you cheat.
  3. everclear- i will buy you a new life.
  4. the foundations- build me up buttercup.
  5. everclear- she’s so high above me.
  6. ben fold’s five- song for the dumped.
  7. kelly clarkson- since you’ve been gone.
  8. europe- the final countdown.
  9. three six mafia- gotta stay fly.
  10. natasha bedingfield- unwritten.

i would first like to note the fact that the final countdown was what i blasted on the way to school everyday for a straight month. {and people think i’m a nerd?…}

Upon having found such a ticket to a trip down memory lane… i thought i would share some wonderfully random facts about me at age sixteen.
1. i had my first birthday party in Lawrence, since having moved from Independence.

{my sweet sixteen, 2005.}

2. i was always hanging with anne & molly.
{and we might have been somewhat obsessed with paris hilton & jessica simpson…
don’t judge us… we were so young & naive…actually we still love “j-sim”.}

{anne, me, molly, winter: 2004.}

3. i was only an aunt of two!! {they look so young!!}

{nathan & carolyn, christmas day 2004.}

4. i left the states for the very first time!

{my friend brendan & me, germany, summer 2005.}

5. i was smitten with Bastian, & him with me.

{eutin, germany 2005.}

6. he sent me my very first love letter : ).

{bastian & me.}

7. my sewing class was obsessed with project runway…we practiced our runway walks. often.

{me, sewing class, 2006.}

8. i met my sweet & still very close friend kelsey.

{me, kelsey, spring 2005.}

9. my brother lived in Lawrence still, so i got to frequent his band shows & parties.
{my brother, in the black shirt, 2005.}

10. i was just as nerdy as i am today.

{me, winter 2005.}

oy. so much has changed, yet so much has stayed the very same.

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