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{Oodles of Poodles…}


Patrick & i went for an afternoon stroll downtown & even stopped at McDonald’s for a large Dr. Pepper {for me.} & large ice water {for him.} on the way home…

he particularly likes riding in the front seat & jamming to The Beatles.

This evening.

Lucy & i went downtown so that she {too} had a chance to prance about in the unseasonably pleasant weather. we weren’t parched enough to justify another McDonald’s stop– but Lucy thoroughly enjoyed riding home with her head out the window–lovin’ the fresh air blowing through her curly, apricot locks.

she particularly likes sitting on my lap while in the car & singing along to Taylor Swift.

it was a fun day.

& now we have some very sleepy poodles.



3 thoughts on “{Oodles of Poodles…}

  1. Oh….oh no. We're entertaining a dog and this just makes me want to really, really pursue it. Ugh. 🙂 In a good way, ugh. They look like they had a blast.


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