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the "godfather of radars"

my dad is a brilliant man.
…i know, i know everyone says that about their dads. dads are great that way!

{bookshelf in his office, 2009.}

he is also a professor, and my favorite thing is never knowing if i am going to see him randomly on campus. i once realized he was standing a few feet behind me on the campus bus, as he was going from one of his offices to another. i was so excited. i waved feverishly and exclaimed “dad, dad, hey dad!” he said hello and kept focus of whatever he was thinking before i caused the scene. (i’m pretty sure he was doing a math problem or inventing something in his head…)

then i wondered how i could be related to such a smart man–whenever i can barely get past math 101… but that’s neither here nor there, or over there, either.

one day last spring, i started talking with someone at a seminar who turned out to be one of the grad students in my dad’s department. i was so excited, i love meeting his students & hearing what they think, (seeing as how my dad is yet to be posted on ratemyprofessor.com)… which is good.
well anywho, something came up about my dad and when the kid realized i was my dad’s daughter, his eyes lit up…
“HE is your dad!? He is the godfather of radars–even people at the national science foundation know him!!”
i found it hilarious, mostly because i could see that the kid couldn’t believe i was my dad’s daughter… i’m a little more outspoken than my dad, and by that i mean i am obnoxious.

this leads me to tonight–

i walk into the kitchen to see my dad sitting at the table with my mom’s broken laptop in a bajillion different pieces, while my dad attempted to find the problem on the intricate circuit board

{i must make his birthday cake like this.}

i honestly wondered how he was going to get it all back together. but of course, less than 30 minutes later he has it fixed and back together. i kid you not.

but the best part was my mom getting home and being so excited that it was fixed… she asked my dad what was wrong and he exclaimed that he did something fancy, with some other fancy piece and yada yada yada.
as soon as he goes upstairs my mom said:
“Oh i’m glad he got it fixed, i didn’t want to tell him that i dropped it earlier..”
i love her. i love him.

i have the best parents.



4 thoughts on “the "godfather of radars"

  1. Your mom is me. Or I'm your mom. I don't know. And I think it's cool that your dad is on campus with you. In fact, I'm jealous that you both get to be on campus. On THAT campus, anyhow.


  2. This is just one of the sweetest posts I've ever read and well written too. Your parents must be proud of you too to spread such love!

    Love reading your blog! Keep it up!


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