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{to}: Miss Natalie…{love}: your Aunt Anna.

Today you to turn three! Can you believe it? We’ve known each other for three years now! Although you are probably reading this years from now, i will continue just the same…
I remember the day you were born, it was a very hot July day & we ate at noodles & company…(you will one day aquire the same love for food as your mom & aunts and you’ll understand why i remember such details of life.) You see, your mom decided which days she wanted to have you guys. Not by having herself induced, rather by will. She decided she couldn’t wait to meet you any longer & she announced that she was going to have you THAT day… a few hours later, after having walked with your dad & aunt katie, {if i recall correctly…} i got word of being an aunt of yet another wonderful darling.
here’s when we first met!
i was only 17… & oh so very stoked to have another niece! i remember bringing your mom the newest People Magazine that featured Heidi Klum with the article about how Heidi had gotten back on the runway only six weeks after having had her recent baby… its a miracle your mom didn’t kill me like she had proclaimed when i pointed to the article & told her that was her new goal… your mom doesn’t mess around, she typically means what she says, especially if she threatens to smack your aunt Anna in the face… she will hold to her promise on that one…but that’s another story, for another day.

i remember holding you for the first time, and you looked at me with the same look you sometimes give me today… “oh aunt anna, you are really really ridiculous, but i am obligated to love you because you are my aunt…” & that look always makes my heart melt, you are too cute.

Along with being your dearest aunt anna,
i am also your Godmother! I am here to always guide you in matters of faith & to remind you always how much God loves you, how you mean the world to him & how Jesus died for our sins to give us eternal life. You remind us of God’s love and the blessings he bestows on us...

You are a blessing, my dear. Never forget that.

You’ve always been pretty shy, but even without having to say a word, you manage to bring smiles to our faces…
One of my favorite memories was the day you began to call me Nan-nuh… apparently, “Anna” was just too simple. And as time went on, it evolved into “Nina” & as you continue to grow each day, you still call me Nina… never stop. Its one of my favorite things & its something special just between you and me. Even though i know you know my name is Anna, you calling me Nina lets me know that you think its special between us, too.
One day Grandma Peg told me when she approached the tv remote you squeeled saying: “NO!! No Grandma Peg!! That’s Nina’s!!”… you know me all too well… keep it up! ; )
Know that you can always come talk to me if you need anything… like talking your mom out of dressing you up ridiculous
for Halloween…
{but i would have made you go as a chicken anyway because you looked so darn darling!!}

keep your stubbornness
. don’t ever settle for something. you deserve to be happy. & i know you know that too.
keep your sense of humor. it will help you out in so many ways & bringing smiles to people’s faces is an unbelievable gift.
keep your genuineness. you sometimes refuse to talk to me on the phone because you are too interested in watching Cailou. i would hate for someone to pretend to want to talk or fake an emotion they do not whole-heartedly feel.
and i am the same way.

we are a lot alike you know
we both take our t.v. watching very seriously… VERY seriously.
& when the cable went out that one time right before Cailou, i recall exclaiming the same exact phrase as you at the same moment. “WHAT HAPPENED?!?! WHAT HAPPENED!! FIX IT!!”
p.s. people will tell you t.v. is a “terrible” thing, but don’t worry. Your mom & i used to watch the Golden Girls & Roseanne everynight before bed in elementary school & look at how we turned out!! ; )
but most importantly, even if you don’t see this until you are 17… know that even at 3 years old, you were an amazing girl. Never lose that {sparkle} in your eye or that {sass} in your step.

i love you more than you will ever know!
Aunt “Nina”


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