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{Happy Engagement!!}

One of my bestfriends/cousins Julie, the one who turned twenty-one last week…well she called me on Saturday with some absolutely happy & wonderful news!! Her boyfriend Garrett of approximately 5+ years popped the big question, & she said yes!!
I didn’t get all the details seeing as how we had played phone tag the whole day & only had a few moments for her to tell me the big news– plus she left for Florida on Sunday… Lucky girl!! But she is supposed to arrive home on Saturday & you better believe i’m going to get all the fun details!!
Its so crazy– us growing up so much. Her sister Jenny getting married in April, now Julie planning to get hitched?! It seems like yesterday our Barbies were searching for the perfect dress for their “big day”, now we are.
Julie & i used to always watch My Best Friend’s Wedding together & Father of the Bride, & i distinctly remember going over details of our own “weddings”. Hopefully some of our past choices have changed– like me wanting blue bows down the entire back of my dress… don’t even ask where i got such a “grand” idea.

So here’s to Julie & Garrett;

oh & julie–…The moment I wake up
Before I put on my makeup-
I say a little prayer for you



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