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what should i be doing, you ask?

…oh, you know. writing a paper on something,
with sources from somewhere “credible”,
[note: supposedly “books” are better sources than the “interweb”.]
about someone who said it, and apparently knows more than i do
because their “book” was in the “library”.

{via: julia.}

but really. anyone can write a “book”
and bind it & donate it to a library…

so really, how do i know
they weren’t just really rich.
and didn’t have to work
so they had a lot of time
so they just decided
to make up stuff
and have it bound &
proceed to donate copies to
various libraries?

…you know….?

i suppose i’ll have to follow the guidelines and find

“credible” sources. even if were written in 1963 &
the pages are faded to barely readable.

just saying.


in the time i wrote this post i could have found my “first source”.
but my beloved reader’s, you mean far more to me than a silly paper…

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