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i feel like charlie brown.

{via: overflowing.}

today has not been so swell.
i have
– made a fool of myself during a presentation.
– eaten a not so delicious lunch.
– worked on Math101 {which will be the end of me.}
– held back tears multiple times.
– become disgruntled by some situations.
oh, well…

i realize that i should not take even the worst of days for granted– there is so much for me to be happy about.



3 thoughts on “i feel like charlie brown.

  1. Anna,
    If every day was stellar — no, even just ‘good’ — how would we remember the perfect ones? Every minute that you survive a less than perfect moment, picture your muscles growing. Strength. Strengthening your ability to weather life graciously is where you’re at right now. Your reminder to self…tells me you are doing very well at this time. Hugs to you, dearie. I miss your honesty….
    Mrs. Mitchell


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