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I have an announcement that may cause some of you to fall out of your chairs…

I am going to try and start running.

You see many might be surprised while i absolutely, positively, hate running. So much that i distinctly remember the mile run in kindergarten; the outfit, the route, the tears, and the pain. Why they insist you run the mile once a year every year of public school is beyond my knowledge; but all i know is that it ruined many days for me.

I suppose there must be something incorrect about my “form” (recently fixed from physical therapy) or something because whenever i even think of running my side and heart feel like they might explode.

If runners felt the pain i do when i run, they would never be runners.

But being the youngest of four and having shared in my siblings horror stories related to their mile run, we chalked it up to just being “allen’s“. So ever since then, we have embraced our inability to run and focused our attention on exercising in other various ways… like math contests, and brain teasers…

But last summer it all changed–
My sisters Emily and Katie both began running and they both did it without having their hearts explode or crippling over from pain. They had busted the age old myth of “Allen’s are not runners.” And while i am a little peeved that they have not only gone on to prove this scapegoat wrong, i’m even more annoyed that i now feel encouraged to do the same.

So blog-o-sphere today we shall embark on the day i announce my plan:
i, anna, no matter how awkward i look, or however much i resemble the giraffe in the picture above, am going to learn how to run.

& since i did saw this on the blog-o-sphere, it makes me that much more pressured to follow through, oh blogging peer pressure.



3 thoughts on “Ready…set….

  1. Good luck! I feel the same way about running, but I’ve been getting really good about working out lately (though mainly on the elliptical). I’ll definitely be back to check up on you and see how you’re doing!


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