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Patrick the {insecure} poodle.

{patrick, my poodle.}

tonight at dinner as patrick sat
with his head on our laps,
patiently waiting for any scraps to fall,
i expressed how
i wish i could be patrick just for a day, so carefree & fun loving.
my dad’s response,
“well, patrick is very insecure.”

who knew–insecure poodles?
next thing you know we will have
paranoid hamsters.

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i feel like charlie brown.

{via: overflowing.}

today has not been so swell.
i have
– made a fool of myself during a presentation.
– eaten a not so delicious lunch.
– worked on Math101 {which will be the end of me.}
– held back tears multiple times.
– become disgruntled by some situations.
oh, well…

i realize that i should not take even the worst of days for granted– there is so much for me to be happy about.


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i received this darling postcard about a year or so ago from my dear German friends Goetz & Bastian. I miss them a lot, & i’m bummed i will not be seeing them this summer as i had previously planned.

so instead, i must live through little mementos like this. admire the pictures which i had taken on my last visit, and pray that although we are thousands of miles apart, our friendship will always remain.

with every moment remembered, and every ponder whispered to the wind.

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Ich bin ganz begeistert!

a few weeks ago my sister Katie sent me an email telling me about an adorable german-inspired blog she came across called Baroque Babies.
katie knows me well–
i immediately fell in love with it & searched for many more german blogs, and i became so excited as i found a plethora of cute blogs {listed below} created across the big blue sea!

Twins Garden
Frau Liebe

aren’t they so amazing?!
i love the blog-o-sphere
oh so very much!!

{who knows, maybe along with admiring these sites i might also improve my german! ; ) }