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An Ode to Conan.

today Late Night with Conan O’brien will tape its last show. : (
but, no worries. Conan’s {cute} face will be back in June to take over Jay Leno’s spot on The Tonight Show, (thank heavens.) at the 10:30pm spot. (here in central time.)

i can say i have watched Conan since i can remember, & many {hilarious memories} have come from his {shenanigans}. My cousins Geoff & Jon & I always recapped what we had seen the night before on Conan at the bus stop. Not to mention, one of us, ahem, jon, managed to miss the bus while we were all too wrapped up in reenacting a skit & lost track of time.

so here’s to Late Night with Conan O’brien.
be sure to watch the last show tonight!!
here’s a little bit of my favorite Conan segments…

the “other bears Sarah Palin shoots” series.

{and one of my personal favorites, Conan’s realization that he resembles the president of Finland Tarja Kaarina Halonen}

check out NBC to see other hilarious things Conan has done over the past 16 years.
& definitely watch him tonight!! {& in june!}

{hooray} for Conan! : )
{all photos via: nbc.}

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