love, spring, weddings, winter 2009

"I noticed a feeling awake in my heart, the moment my eyes turned to you."

-the waiting is over by eva cassidy.

i love spring- the flowers, the crisp air, the couples walking down the city sidewalks holding hands…oh, how i love spring.
& one of the best things about spring??
most weddings happen in the summer, but most invitations & save the dates arrive in spring-
oh, how i love getting announcements of {Love}.
just the other day i squealed with excitement when i thumbed through the mail & found this…

{via: rachel.}

My brother’s good friends, whom quickly became some of my favorites, Alex & Becca sent out these darling postcards announcing that they are engaged! So wonderful, so exciting!!

i love {spring} & i love {weddings}.

oh, & i love eva cassidy.{via: jonilynphotography.}

i think this song would be perfect for a {first dance}

i’m gonna make a mental note of that. 😉
hooray for spring, hooray for love!


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