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"The Office Max catalog is my bible."-Kelly Schrepfer.

my friend Kelly and i both work as student hourly’s on campus. we just discovered that she is 2 floors directly above my lovely office. Kelly & I just realized that we have more than our jobs and good looks in common, we are both office supply addicts. we love everything about them, their purposes, their colors, their variations, their existence. we sadly, however, are poor college students and lack funds to buy various office supplies every time we go shopping.

and the other day something glorious happened. each department’s office was delivered a 300+ page, glossy, jammed packed, catalog [including tabs which separate “supply” types] from…OFFICE MAX. i’m sure if i would have listened quietly, at the right moment, {after having gotten over my own excitement, of course.} i would have heard Kelly squeal with delight from two floors above!

so today,
around 10:30am i receive a text from my fellow office supply addict.

kelly10:46am: are you at work??

me10:46am: Yes.
kelly10:47am: Page 226 of the office max book
me10:49am: Love it! I don’t like the u-shaped ones
kelly10:51am: Me either
me10:50am: 731 A
kelly10:53am: Oh no god. I was just typing 731 to you.
me10:54am: Shut up Shut up!
kelly10:59am: I swear. I was showing my boss and i said ‘im texting this to anna

true love= office max.


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