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{Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been clear …}

{sunset photo taken via my camera phone
Wednesday January 7, 2009.
Isn’t it beautiful??
Just another subtle reminder, i suppose! view below…}

Today i feel GOOD…even though i had to get blood drawn, & had to quickly run to work afterwards. but i knew that blood getting drawn is important for monitoring my health, which is GOOD. therefore, even though this time it hurt like hell, i realized it was okay, because it was for something GOOD. & work is GOOD because i work with amazing people, & get to blog.

Perhaps i feel GOOD because over break i accomplished many things i had forever avoided…{a}cleaning & ORGANIZING my room, thoroughly.{b}ORGANIZING my computer files.{c}getting control of my spending;start saving.{d}contact missed ones; keep in touch.{e}clean & decorate my bathroom.{f}take car in for maintenance…just to name a few. Having finished up 99.9999% of those tasks, i feel GOOD.

along with that, subtle signs that i need to feel GOOD are continuously flying my way…i.e.; {Here comes the sun} popping up multiple times on my Pandora Radio…people smiling at me on the street…lovely messages from friends…sales on the exact items i needed to buy…doctor visits being worthwhile…coming across funny pictures like this:
from recently discovered wonderful websites like THIS.

i’m loving everyone’s optimistic outlooks for 2009, from bloggers to the amazing ladies i am blessed to work with.
i think i was right in thinking, 2009 shall be divine.

{Here comes the sun, doot-in-doo-doo… here comes the sun,
and I say it’s all right.}

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