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big reminders of LOVE…

This weekend everywhere i turned i was reminded of the beautiful sacrament of Marriage. Saturday I went to my cousin Jenny’s bridal shower & it was so exciting. I love love LOVE bridal showers while the excitement is always overflowing, the bride-to-be is always gleaming with happiness, & not to mention the food is always so cute and delicious! {Congratulations Jenny, I am so excited for you and Mike!}
Later that night, i ventured to Blockbuster to return my movies and make some more use of my awesome gift card my parents gave me for Christmas… i turned down the comedy aisle and saw to young girls, probably 7 years old or so, looking at a Father of the Bride and talking to each other about how much they LOVE that movie! I giggled to myself, thinking of my cousin Julie and i watching that movie over and over and over again when we were around their ages, and how we still find ourselves watching it to this day! They were so cute, but they made me feel so grown up…
Then later that night, i got online reading up on my favorite sites and bloggers, and the beautiful Joanna had posted these amazing engagement photos she had just gotten done!

{photo via A Cup of JO}

Aren’t they flippin’ adorable!! i LOVE them!!
well to top off these wedding filled weekend, i watched Mamma Mia with my cutie pie nieces last night. I’d say it was a wonderful way to end this preview of {weddings-to-come} weekend!


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