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This ones for you, Nie.

My last assignment for my COMS130 course, [Public Speaking], was a persuasive speech on a non-profit organization/charity. While many chose to deliver speeches on Unicef, Habitat for Humanity and many more of the sorts, I automatically thought of Nie Recovery. & to my delight, my teacher approved of my unique choice of topic.
I have to say, this was probably the most work I’ve put into an assignment for this class, & i loved every minute of compiling my speech to tell the story of Nie.

I only faced one major dilemma; i had to deliver my speech in under 9 min… a measly 9 minutes! Compiling a speech to relay the beauty of Nie’s life & inform my class of the tragedy her family faces while urging them to consider donating to the Nie Recovery, in under 9 min was nearly impossible. {so naturally i stretched it to 11 min.}
Before starting my speech i whispered “This ones for you, Nie”.
my presentation went well, only fumbling over myself in a few parts when i got a little too into describing her wonderful life illustrated in her blog. My class remained intrigued throughout my speech {the entire 11 min.} and when i passed out these cards i created…

instead of stuffing them into their pockets in anticipation of finding a trashcan, i noticed some were tucking them into their planners. {hopefully, anticipating looking up more information of the Nie Recovery online.}

I’ll end this entry with how i ended my speech…
{“Next time you are on facebook, piddling around, snarking about your Ex’s new relationship, or contemplating how “anyone could go out wearing THAT?” take a moment to check out the NieRecovery and offer a prayer or perhaps a small money donation. A family’s love this strong, an inspiration which burns so brightly for thousands around the world, is too great to watch dwindle. Stories of hope like this are too important to miss, so important to share.“}


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