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A special day for two.

Today, after i woke up, i called my sister Emily’s house looking for my nephew Nathan. You see today is a big day in the life of Nathan. So, with all the little reminders he’s given me the past few days…months, i knew it was important that i ring him up first thing…before i got distracted with boring adult things. ANYWHO, here is how it went:
{“Hi Nathan, its Anna, how are you?”
“Really? How old are you? Three or Four? I forgot!”
“FIVE! I’m FIVE!!” [in a weird, choked up voice]
“Nathan, what is wrong?? Are you crying???”

[Me & Nathan; December 2008]

& that is one more reason i LOVE being an aunt.

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Which brings me to why today is such a {special} day.
five years ago today…
i was officially initiated into
& i couldn’t love it more.
its been a marvelous time thus far, and i can’t wait for what lies ahead…
it brings a {plethora} of wonderful moments, which i treasure oh so very much.
[its hard to believe five years ago i was only an aunt of one… now to think i’m an aunt of five! so much joy. so much love.]

[Aunt Anna & Julia; Christmas Eve 2008]

Interesting that i came across this book yesterday at Barnes & Noble…

…funny how life is like that.
{it is absolutely adorable & i was quite delighted to see a book on Aunts… i will save it a spot on my wish list.}

So cheers to being Five! & cheers to being an Aunt of Five!

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“The true spirit of Christmas is love”

{linda willis}
I {hope} you all had a {beautiful Christmas}.
Mine was absolutely wonderful, filled with many {blessings}.
Here is a lovely recap in pictures…

{click to enlarge}.

i am so {thankful}.

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Take my hand and well make it I swear–

{livin’ on a prayer}

is what i do everyday, in order to get through. This semester brought more downs than ups, but i realize that it is all apart of {the journey}, the One {God made just for me}.
I remind myself of this daily, in order to get out of bed, look at myself in the mirror, and venture out into this scary place we call “the world”.
Along with knowing {He is helping me}… He {blesses me with all of my friends}. Friends who have extended {their hands and hearts} & {helped me} get through the past months.
& i love them so.
{thank you loves}. you mean so much to me.

**picture update soon. as for now, my computer has the hiccups. 😦

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scares the hell out of us.

We cling to music, to poems, to quotes, to writing, to art, because we desperately do not want to be alone. We want to know we aren’t going crazy and someone else out there knows exactly how you’re feeling. We want someone to explain the things we can’t. We love everything tied up neatly, easy, simple, and when we can’t do that, it scares the hell out of us. To not know the next step, or where you’re headed, kills. Being unsure isn’t in our plans. But its those moments, the ones where you risk it and step unknowingly into the future that assures us life is larger than we’ll ever know.”

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this is my winter song.

Winter Song with Ingrid Michaelson
outside it is {cold.} i had a {7:30a.m. final} & it was {terrible.} 7:30a.m. final, {negative wind chill} outside, {gloomy faces} on campus, {sad grade.}
& i’m slowly realizing that
{Christmas will never be the same.}

{that sums up my day} to say the least.

but i love the song i posted above. it is lovely, & seems to fit my life {perfectly} right now.

please send warm thoughts of encouragement my way to help me get through the next 3 finals.

{love to all. }