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i haven’t had the chance to see this film yet… but i listen to the soundtrack any chance i get. my thanksgiving break to do list definitely includes getting my paws on a copy of this film and watching it while sipping on some warm apple cider. sounds like a wonderful idea to me!
you should, too.
{Check out the Once trailer, below}

{definitely check out the soundtrack, you can listen to it below.}

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thanksgiving love.

nothing is better than spending quality times with the one’s you love while enjoying delicious food. i am so excited to spend some quality time with my wonderful friends and family & forget about school for awhile.

{thanksgiving flashbacks…}

{my brother & niece carolyn, thanksgiving 2005}
{My cousins Jon, Mike, & Geoff, thanksgiving 2007}

{Myself & my lovely siblings Emily, Christopher, & Katie, thanksgiving 2007}

{my darling niece carolyn & nephew nathan, thanksgiving 2006}

i love this time of year
it always brings me here
to be with you
Praise God from whom all blessings flow
-{sara groves, to be with you}

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the birthday list.

today i sent out an email containing a Birthday List.
this Birthday List included Grandchildren & Great-Grandchildren from the Allen side of the family. i accidentally forgot my lovely sister Emily.
see just how lovely my sister Emily was in alerting me that i had forgotten her on the Birthday List.

{real email which i received:}

Hey jackass,

My kids look correct, unfortunately I was left off the grandchildren list all together! Good try sister, better luck next time booting me from the fam-damly.


isn’t she just lovely?

{Emily & I circa 1989.}

fall 2008

this is love.

i’ve decided to change my blog address to “little reminders of love”
…obviously. after having been told multiple times by my sister that i should NEVER change your blog address! i’ll give you two good reasons why i would ever do such a CRAZY THING!
1. i want my blog to be filled with stories and moments of LOVE
2. “my comical chronicle” is being reserved for another occasion… just wait. 😉


gma allen

you couldn’t have been anymore perfect.

Dearest Gma,
Right now I am writing you to tell you how very much i love you. we are all very sad that you had to leave earth so suddenly to be in heaven, but we trust that God has a very special reason for doing so. Perhaps he was craving some of your delicious pull-apart cake, or maybe he simply needed you safe at his side, helping him watch over all of us. I wish i knew why, however, i do not. but like i said, we trust in his ways. Don’t worry, we will be just fine. Our hearts will mend, but they will never be the same. They will be stronger and filled with more and more of the love you send down everyday. I simply wish to let you know one thing. i love you.
I wish i could have said a proper goodbye to you- But in a way i did, because i always tell you that i love you. & if there is one thing i wish for you to always know its that i love you.
I cherish every memory we shared and i have a plethora of them to look back on. I will never forget the endless hours we all spent sitting at your kitchen table sunday nights telling stories from our weeks before. I will never forget the way you listened so genuinely sharing in all our laughs and worries. I will never forget the way you would call me “doll” when you would answer the phone and how anytime we got to your house you were there greeting us with a “yooohoo!” i still hear it sometimes, you know? i love you. i always looked forward to coming to visit, listening to your stories and hearing about your past. i like to think that we are alike, only i only wish to be as amazing of a gma as you were. Thats what makes it all the harder. my friends don’t understand the pain which my heart feels right now. they were not as blessed as i was; they didn’t have you as a grandma. none of their grandmas had 2 refrigerators, played hours and hours of games with them, or spread such love as you did. and you know what gma? i love you. i loved how you were always 10x’s more fashionable than us granddaughters, and i loved that you were such a lady of class. i love that you always loved us, said we were cute, even when we were in our awkward-going-through-puburity-years. (ha!) i love that people say i look like you. because you were always so beautiful. i love that you made christmas’s so magical, i love that you made every gathering so magical. i love you.
so now that God has decided to take you away from us, please watch over us in love. Please let us know that you are ok, and that you are with your family. Gma please let us know that you know how much we love you. how much i love you. please send our love to everyone and always remember how much i love you. i’ll keep writing, if you keep reading. 🙂

Goodnight Gma,

& remember that i love you.
❤ & xoxo –