college, cousins, fall 2008, family, geoff, joy that little things bring, ku history, ku memories, little reminders of life, love, memories, missing you

“If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.”

recapping one of the best weekends i’ve had in a while.
Geoff’s visit.
[first we explored Mass Street & ate at Rudy’s.]

{yum, yum, yum pizza pizza}

[next we headed to the KU Carnival]

{arrival time: 8:04p.m.}


{1 cotton candy, 3 cokes, 1 pretzel, half a bag of icecream, 2 waters, 4 pieces of popcorn… & 5 spinning rides.}

you, you‘re my best friend.”

{time of departure: 12:03a.m.}

{…so on the way back to the dorm we decided to have an impromptu family reunion.}

{back to the dorm: 12:43a.m., THE OFFICE MARATHON KICK OFF: 1:03a.m.}…{asleep: 1:15a.m.}
{Geoff’s departure: 1:08p.m.}
{the end of a great weekend.}



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