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A Great Place to Be…

last week i moved back to the glamorous dorms & once again immersed myself in the glory that is KU.

i moved up onto daisy hill, where a cluster of dorms sit overlooking mt.oread. it is certainly a different world compared to the quiet dwelling of my old dorm on the other side of campus. however, living with boys will take some adjusting. i never realized how batshit crazy they truly are. ive already had multiple numbers posted on my door. because-afterall- what girl wouldn’t find such a gesture to be so romantic as to sweep them off their feet… what a bunch of nerds.
my dorm room however does have a fantastic view…very las vegas.
living on the 9th floor does feel like i live in a penthouse! haha

o college. it feels great to be back!
[this video is adorable. watch it, you will be glad you did!]


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