"aunt-hood", family, joy that little things bring, nieces and nephews, summer 2008

But I suddenly loose control, theres a fire within my soul…

this weekend was quite a girl’s weekend to say the least!
friday my nieces [carolyn & julia] came out to spend some time with their crazy aunt anna while my sister katie went and got her hair cut.(which turned out fabulous, i love it sister!) well after katie had left little julia woke up and we decided to do her nails. she sat on the couch, very still, and watched Angelina Ballerina while i filed, massaged her feet, and painted her toes bright PINK! it was pretty much her first spa experience.
[i should start a kid’s pedi/manicure spa! i bet hollywood would love it! suri & shiloh could be regulars! brilliant!!]
-here she is sitting perfectly still while enjoying her pedicure.

next, was hair. naturally. 🙂

after carolyn woke up from her beauty rest, we did carolyn’s makeup.

oh, how i love these girlies.

well TODAY i FINALLLY got to spend some quality time with my cousin/best friend since forever julie!

it was great, i love that girl to death.
we took a date to mcdonald’s & we went and saw MAMMA MIA. It was ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. i LOVED IT.

i’m going to get the soundtrack tomorrow, can’t wait!
so here’s to the beautiful girls in my life that make it even more fun! afterall-
girls just wanna have fun, damnit! ha!


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